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Lighting Design ~ Color Consulting Emphasized for Healing Places

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Creative Lighting Designs

Healing with lighting has so many possibilities. Light sensitive? you'll will feel better naturally. Humans react everyday, biologically to energy light levels. Full spectrum daylight, food for the entire body (sunshine therapy). Skin Light for all types of skin issues. Air Light prevents transfer of disease and mold. Many important factors for improving your health. Lighting sculptures for environmental ambiance. go see

Vibrational Color Consulting

Nature contains millions of colors in many shades. All in the right place. So there is no reason to limit yourself to a few colors when painting your home, office, retail, hotel or industrial spaces. We will bring balanced harmonic color combinations into your everyday environment. Imagine just felling good, having more energy, less stress. Enjoy every day. go see

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Looking for something different? Well you've found it! Now take the next step.

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