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My husband was waking every night with allergies. He suggested we treat the room with the Air Light to see if it helped. With only a few hour treatment he saw huge improvement and was able to sleep through the night. If the allergies begin to return, we again treat the room the next day and every time he sees an enormous improvement in his allergic reaction. As the rainy season sets in we're glad to have the Air Light. I suggested he try a homeopathic remedy for allergies, but he said if the problem is what is in the room, how would a remedy help the way the Air Light does?"
Kim L. Kauai HI

Hi, Terrence, I just wanted to offer some feedback about the UV light gizmo you made me awhile back.  I used it most of the time, both summer (when the evap cooler makes things really smell) and winter (when the house is shut up and my ratty carpet exudes odors of many years . . .), until last fall when I had windows open all the time.  I put it away and then forgot about it until I realized that now that it's winter and the house is shut up, my old carpet is smelling again.  So I started using it again, and my house doesn't smell anymore.  I call that a miraculous relief, since I refuse to use artificial scents to hide odors and my landlord refuses to change the carpet and we were at a standstill. I have found your little UV light very effective.  So thanks again!
Ann Cowles PhD

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is in support of the ozone devices used by Terrence Schlesinger to remove odors from buildings. We have been using one of Terrence’s devices for 2 ? years with great results. Our school (along with several other businesses and apartments) is located in a 1906 multi-story building atop a natural spring in the basement which sometimes floods. The age and geology of this situation creates a problem with mold and mustiness and therefore, odors.
Since using the ultraviolet light system in the basement, residents of the building have notice a marked difference in the smell. We are very pleased to have this environmental enhancement at our disposal and will continue to use it indefinitely. I highly recommend Terrence’s services and products for building/architectural health.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Georgia Neff, Ph.D.
Secretary of the Board
Bisbee Research Institute

We're at howard's hearing everyone rave about the new 'non stinky' household-THANK YOU. God bless you very much.

Last year I bought new Air Light from you. It works great when used it in cellar where I smoke. My brother Gene came over and I asked him do you smell any smoke and he said — don't smell smoke and looked surprised. I'll order a new bulb from you now.

Walter Fish
A child came into my office with a fungal infection on his wrist and nose. When I told him I could treat it with the Mold Light, but he'd need to cover his eyes, he asked that I only treat the wrist. I gave it two 30 second treatments (holding the light about six inches away from the skin with our eyes covered), and the next day most of the infection was gone. A few days later he was ready for me to treat the spot on his nose. This time I only did one 30 second treatment and his mom said the infection was gone by the next morning. KL
Thanks for supporting me I have my light it arrived today and it is amazing.. I no longer feel like a fish out of water. the air feels more spiritual, clean, pure and safe . Thanks so much you are a great person! Again thanks for your time..... and product!
Marianne Clouser
Well the air light has been in this house for about 3 months and my brother-in-law asked if he could borrow it for a while since he was feeling under the weather. And sure enough after about a week my kids were not feeling very well. My oldest, poor guy, started to throw up one night, so I told the brother-in-law that I needed the light back. And no sooner had it come back, the kids were back to their old selves again.
Isidro Becerra
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