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• Vitamin D
• Stimulates Endorphins
• Herpes Simplex - Shingles
• Acne - Blemishes
• Mineral Assimilation
• Anti Depression
• SAD - Winter Blues
• Colds - Flu

• Vitiligo - Leucoderma
• Psoriasis
• Osteoporosis
• Osteomalacia
• Metabolism Stimulant
• Natural Skin Color
• HIV - Immune Boost
• Reduce Cholesterol

• Blends Scar Tissue
• Hypothyroid
• Bacterial Odors
• Itching - Rash
• Caffeine Replacement
• Bug Bites
• Hormonal Balancing
• Athletes Foot

Note: You may hear a rattle in the bulb. Nothing is wrong, this is normal.

Never use the UV Skin Light longer than instructions indicate. Never look at the UV Skin Light (when on) without eye protection. Always wear eye protection, sunglasses, UV goggles or keep eyes closed during use. Never leave on when unattended. Always use with a timer (with end of cycle tone). Keep children, animals and plants away during use. May not be suitable for some people with allergic reaction to the sun. Recommended for children only when supervised by a competent adult. Children must wear UV eye protection. Never use with reflector or foil. Hand hold only when wearing cotton glove or suitable hand protection. UV Skin Light is 100 times more powerful than sunlight. Never use for reading or viewing of any kind. Cosmetics, drugs and vitamins may increase sensitivity to sunlight (UV rays) and may cause a photosensitive reaction. Use at your own risk. That said, now the instructions.

Topical effects on the skin typically show up between 4 to 8 hours after use. The benefits will be felt immediately to within one hour after exposure. Any tingling or sensations indicate your internal organs are being stimulated. It is the same great feeling as lying out in the sun. If your skin becomes dry, sunburns or peels reduce exposure by 50% or discontinue use for one week. A light skin peel may be normal on some first time users. Slight reddening of the skin is normal. Any reddish color will turn to a light, healthy tan. Will not produce and is not designed for dark tanning. UV light is invisible. No heat will be felt during exposure. Using the UV Skin Light weekly will maintain a natural resistance to sunburn from outdoor activities.

Use 2 - feet away from skin to start. Once experienced and if you have medium to darker skin type you may us at 1 foot away from light. Place a 2-foot mark (or as needed) on floor with tape, cardboard, or marker.

Minimum Exposure:
Recommended exposure time for basic health maintenance is 1xw to 2xw (xw=times per week). A schedule of i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday works good for 3xw exposure. For extended or continuous exposure every other day other is best.

Restart after non use:
When missing two or more weeks of UV Skin Light exposure you may need to start at 1st week exposure times again, then proceed to next weekly chart.

Treatment for bed ridden:
Patient must agree to treatment. Follow exposure chart for times and distance. Starting at either end of the body slowly move the UV Skin Light from head to toe. About two full passes per side. Use front only or front and back exposure depending on mobility of the patient. Patient may wear eye protection or keep eyes closed.

Exposure Instructions:
Sensitive body parts and/or previously overexposed skin may be protected with sun block of SPF 30 to 50 or covered with cotton clothing. Very fair skinned people, blondes, redheads, blue-eyed types should test with the 1st week exposure times. If very sensitive, you may stay at the lower exposure levels (1xw or 2xw) for maintenance.

Use after shower or bath, without make-up, lotion, perfume or clothing.

Exposure positions are; (1) front (2) left (3) back (4) right. Exposure time is per side. Example: 30 seconds per side x 4 = 2 minutes total exposure time, per day.

Combining natural sun exposure {beach, pool, yard} with the UV Skin Light in the same day is not recommended.

Important: It is your responsibility to determine your skin type and use accordingly.
Correct time is simply determined by not having any sunburn (effect)!
Single B lamps require (4x) four times longer exposure.
Double B lamps require (2x) two times longer exposure.

Chart for type C lamps Select your skin type. Start at week 1
Always burn, never tan.
15 sec 1xw
15 sec 2xw
15 sec 3 xw
Always burn, slight tan.
30 sec 1xw
30 sec 2xw
60 sec 3xw
Sometimes burn always tan.
30 sec 2xw
60 sec 3 xw
60 sec 5xw
Never burn always tan.
60 sec 3xw
60 sec 4xw
60 sec 5xw
Heavy pigmented, Mediterranean, Native American
90 sec 3xw
90 sec 4xw
90 sec 5xw
Very pigmented, African or Jamaican
90 sec 4xw
120 sec 4xw
120 sec 5xw
. .
One treatment per day maximum.
xw = times
per week  
Visual Instructions
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uv skin Light caution
After exposure:
The use of aloe vera gel or lotion is recommended if needed. This will protect the skin from any drying, seals in color and moisture. This protects the skin from dirt, pollution and excess oil production.

Drawing Info:
Mounting height and exposure distance shown for 18", 36" and 72" models. Typical installation shown for use in bath or bedroom. Note distance measurement on floor. When using on or near carpet use cardboard or other protective material to keep carpet from possible bleaching, typically required only on 72 inch model. (2' x 3' is the minimum size mat recommended)

Mount vertically on wall. Center fixture on skin area to be exposed. Hang on nail or screw mounted firmly into wall. Use two screws, one for upper exposure and one for lower exposure (UV Skin Light 36 or UV Skin Light 72). For concrete walls, pre drill, and use an anchor. Cover (under lamp) of UV Skin Light can be removed for mounting to wall or for hard-wiring.

Lamp replacement:
We recommend lamp replacement after 300 Hours of use. The lamp will still work, but its effectiveness is reduced as the glass darkens. Do not change exposure times to compensate. Only replace with the same type lamp. Contact Light Years 2 for replacement, if not available locally. Break off one end pin before discarding. This will keep others from using the lamp improperly. Bring to a lighting or electrical store that recycles fluorescent lamps if possible.

Additional Precautions:
For a complete list of reactive drugs request a copy of FDA 81-8149. Wait 12 hours after using coal tar shampoo. Plant life may be damaged by direct exposure. Temporary color dyes (wallpaper, paint, fabric & carpet) may fade from prolonged close exposures to UV light.


First Aid:
For eye irritation: Keep person in a dark room for 24 hours (no direct or strong light). Place wet washcloth over eyes for relief. For Sunburn: Treat as sunburn, use pure aloe vera gel or similar product. Do not expose skin to sun or further treatment for 14 days, or until completely healed.

UV range is up to 10 feet. Only persons being treated should be in the same room as the UV Skin Light. If treating other persons or children where you must be exposed in the same room cover skin with long sleeves, pants and cotton gloves. Use sun block 30 to 45 on any exposed skin and wear UV sunglasses - most brands filter out UV rays. Check your pair before using.

Never remove warning labels. Store away from children.
Cleaning: Use glass cleaner and soft cloth or paper towel. Clean lamp monthly or as needed.
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