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product color options
metalic champagne metalic sesame metalic copper
Color Options
satin metallic champagne
satin metallic sesame
semi gloss
metallic copper
Standard base color of all products is White. Custom colors allow you to better match your decor. Shipping is delayed by a day or two with custom colors. Flex arms (S18F) are black and not painted.
accessories Items
UV Sunglasses
UV Timer
Key Switch
tripod mount
Extra wide 165mm wrap around clear lens with side protection and sport frame, 99.9% UV eye protection. Simple one handed use, digital countdown timer with memory. 1 sec accuracy. Good for kitchen use too. Provides increased safety, a pre-installed key switch for child proofing or Dementia patents. Comes with 2 keys. Includes regular on/off switch. Tripod mount is a threaded hole on back of fixture. Fits any standard tripod that you have. Allows easy placement/ movement. Included free with all S18, B2R, and S36 units.
UV Safety Glasses $20
Countdown Timer $23
Key Switch $26
Tripod Mount

4 pin ozone

S18 UVC bulb.
18 in. long (457mm). . Fits all S18 models. G15T8 15w T-8

S18 UVB bulb.
18 in long (457mm) . Fits all S18 and B2R models. G15T8E 15w T-8
S36 UVC bulb.
36 in long (914mm). Fits all S36 and S72. Order 2 lamps for S72 model. G30T8 30w T-8
S14ZGR UVC Ozone bulb.
14 in long (356mm) . Fits S14ZGR. GPH357T5/ 4 pin 18w T-5
UVC 18 lamp $21
UVB 18 lamp $31
UVC 36 lamp $34
UVC Ozone ZGR lamp $32
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Notice: Use of the UV Skin Light for any method other than noted in the instructions is not recommended. Light Years 2 assumes no liability or responsibility for misuse or misapplication of this product.
uv sun lamps
made in USA with solar power

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