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UV Therpy Sun Lamp

Spend most of your time indoors? Work too much? Tired all the time? Can't get outside when you want to? Do you feel better with some sunshine on your body? Our UVB and UVC Sun Lamps have the following skin, hormone and bone advantages. Plus you'll just feel better!


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• Vitamin D
• Stimulates Endorphins
• Herpes Simplex - Shingles
• Acne - Blemishes
• Mineral Assimilation
• Anti Depression
• SAD - Winter Blues
• Colds - Flu

• Vitiligo - Leucoderma
• Psoriasis
• Osteoporosis
• Osteomalacia
• Metabolism Stimulant
• Natural Skin Color
• Immune Booster
• Reduce Cholesterol

• Blends Scar Tissue
• Hypothyroid
• Bacterial Odors
• Itching - Rash
• Caffeine Replacement
• Bug Bites - Cuts
• Hormonal Balancing
• Athletes Foot
• and more...

ultra violet UVB sun lamp therapeutic skin treatment

UV Sun Lamp b2r
b2r sun lamp

Our best compact two lamp unit with reflector (shortens exposure time) doubles UVB output. Use with UVB lamps only. This unit has the most power for its size. Designed for wall, door, board or tripod mount (built in). For all UVB therapy issues .

Hang at different heights for inexpensive full body treatment.

This unit has a 1 minute starting exposure.
Recommended for vitiligo, vitamin D, lite bronzing.

Size 18 L x 10 W x 5 D. 2x 15w lamps. 307 to 311nm

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All units have built-in electronic high frequency ballasts. Benefits include instant start, longer lamp life, silent operation. Commercial quality, all metal construction. Ships complete with lamp installed. Tripod mount built in.
UV Sun Lamp S18 Flex
uv sun lamp s18h
Flexible and practical unit for small area treatment. Adjustable for horizontal or vertical use. Tough flex arm with wide 11 inch wood base. Place on table, desk, chair or floor. Uses both B and C type lamps, UV lamps are interchangeable for personal preference. Type B is traditionally used by doctors. Has more Vitamin D effect. Type C is newer and requires less exposure, faster exposure equals more convenient. Purchase both lamps and see which one is better for your skin.
uv sun lamp s18

UVB lamps have a 2 minutes starting exposure. UVC lamps have a 30 seconds starting exposure.

Fixture arm 18"L x 3"W x 3"H. Unit height 20". 1x 15w lamp.

Original design requested from customer. Now one of our most requested units. 3rd design revision. New wider white reflector base.

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Low Cost Sun Lamps Manufacturer Direct No Prescription Needed
UV Sun Lamp S18
s18 sun lamp

Small, simple, low cost, available with UVB or UVC lamp. You may use both lamps to see which one works better for your topical skin issue. Small and lite enough enough to travel. Hang at different heights for inexpensive full body treatment.

UVB lamps have a 2 minutes starting exposure.
UVC lamps have a 30 seconds starting exposure.

Size 18 "L x 3"W x 3.5"D. 457 x 70 x 95mm. 1x 15w lamp.

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Q and A:
Is your lamp narrow band or wide band?
Narrow band is a market created for doctors [20 min. exposure].
That said broad band works just a well, according to my customers.

UV Sun Lamp S36
s36 sun lamp

Medium size half body coverage unit for wall, door or board mount. Double body coverage of our S18 units. Type C lamps only. Allows treatment of half of your body at a time.

UVC lamps have a 30 seconds starting exposure.
Some units available with multi-voltage. Please inquire

Size 36"L x 3"W x 3.5D. 914 x 70 x 95mm. 1x 30w lamp.

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UV Sun Lamp S72
uv sun lamp s72

Full size complete body coverage unit for wall, door or board mount. Double the coverage of our S36 units. Type C lamps only.

UVC lamps have a 30 seconds starting exposure.

Size 72"L x 3"W x 3"D. 1829 x 70 x 95mm.
2x 30w lamps.

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UV Sun Lamp S14ZGR
uv sun lamp s14
Front view S14ZGR with reflector for controlled exposure
uv sun lamp s14b
Back view shows large handle and built in switch
Designed for Professional Practitioner. Use for most topical skin issues.

Powerful hand held professional unit with UV and Ozone output. Comes complete with 1 UV lamp. Reflector protects practitioner, increases output, reduces exposure time.

1x 18w lamp. 16 in, 406mm high.  Base 4x 4in, 102x 102mm. All Z models have self limiting ozone production.

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Now you can have the UV benefits of sunshine on any day you want with the UVB Skin Light sun lamp. A topical skin treatment. With an average starting exposure of 30 seconds our type UVC light—you get fast results. Easy and quick enough to use every day.

Traditional UVB treatment available on selected models. By radiating your body with powerful ultra violet rays, the UV Skin Light helps promote over 100 natural biological functions.

The skin is the body's largest organ. Bathe it with the therapeutic healing light it needs and is designed to receive. The UVB Skin Light provides precise controlled UV exposure. Perfect for people who are indoors all day.

Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 8 based on the UVB spectrum can decrease vitamin D synthetic capacity by 95 percent, whereas sunscreen with an SPF of 15 can reduce synthetic capacity by 98 percent. (ref. wikipedia)

If you live in the northern latitudes the UVB Skin Light sun lamp is effective for many skin disorder resulting from a lack of exposure to sunshine. Including SAD, winter depression and light deprivation. Bedridden persons (unable to go outside) will find the UVC Skin Light of particular healing value.

Your skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to a pinking dose of sunlight. How much vitamin D you make depends on age, uncovered skin, skin tone. Without sun block your skin will make 10,000 to 15,000 units of vitamin D in one pinking sun exposure, on average.

UV light assists the body's immune system to function better and helps increase assimilation of nutrients from foods. A UVC Skin Light provides personal light therapy. Most people experience some beneficial effects immediately.

UV series Skin Lights, sun lamp is light weight—easy to use and move around. Just stand there or sit and relax.

Use our UV Skin Light Sun Lamp in the morning or any time to help synchronize your circadian rhythm. Become less dependent on artificial stimulants such as caffeine, sugar or nicotine to start your day.

Does not produce heat. Provides a natural light bronze color after about a month of use. Not designed for dark tanning. Type B recommended for Vitiligo.

UV Services Research and Testing Written and graphic instructions explain the benefits and precautions of using the UV Skin Light. More than five years of research, regular testing and experience has proven the effectiveness of this light therapy. The UV Skin Light sun lamp helps provide a simple and easy way for people to treat skin problems. UV Skin Light gets rid of skin irritation and seals the skin. Provides for rapid healing of small wounds.
Just to keep things simple. UVC requires then shortest exposure time, therefore it works quickly and penetrates skin the least and is considered non tanning, it does provide a natural light bronze color after about a month of use. UVA and UVB allow longer exposure, penetrate the skin deeper and are dark tanning.
Technical Information The Skin Light sun lamp is a therapeutic light for people who feel healthier with a natural amount of exposure to sunlight. Regular use of the Skin Light provides some sunburn protection prior to sun exposure in outdoor activities. The Skin Light sun lamp is about 100 times stronger than the sun's UV rays. An average 30 second exposure of UVC Skin Light light equals about 60 to 90 minutes of strong summer sun. The UV Skin Light sun lamp satisfies our natural need for UV rays from sunlight. Light is energy. UV ultra violet is one of the most powerful, invisible spectrums that the sun radiates to the earth every day.
Additional Health Information .. Ultraviolet light UV is beneficial for the heart and lungs. It has a stimulating action on the Sympathetic System Autonomic nervous system stimulates activity and prepares for emergencies yet acts as a sedative to pain. UV light stimulates antibody production and thus helps protect the body against disease. Normalizes all metabolism and glandular functioning and enhances all organ functions. Accelerates the lymphatic Immune System and circulatory activities. UV light helps with the breaking down of bacterial toxins and helps the white blood cells in their phagocytic consuming, ravaging action.

UV light plays a part in the calcium phosphorus balance and in iron and iodine fixation attraction. This makes it effective in the treatment of rickets and goiters. Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are affected by UV light. It also provides chemical and bactericidal bacterial and viral action on the blood and the tissues of the body.

Can replace traditional hot type (high wattage) sun lamps for topical skin therapy. Energy efficient, commercial quality all metal construction. No plastic body parts. No product out gassing. Initial consultation included. Designs, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

Protective wire guard for UV Skin Light Sun Lamps S36 and S72 are available for commercial installations. Also functions as a child guard to protect lamp. Contact us for additional information.

Ultraviolet Radiation: A segment of electromagnetic radiation in the spectral range between 100 and 400 nanometers in wavelength, shorter than that of visible light.

UV-A radiation (Near ultraviolet) 300 to 400 nm
UV-B radiation (Middle ultraviolet) 200 to 300 nm
UV-C radiation (Far ultraviolet) 100 to 280 nm aka UVGI

Black light 300 to 400 nm.
Erythemal 280 to 320 nm.
Bactericidal (Germicidal) 220 to 300 nm.
Ozone-Producing 180 to 220 nm.

Why UV Skin Light is such a good investment. Check out this article. Whole town gets sunshine in winter after 800 years!

Double-blind random-controlled-trials have proven that VITAMIN D reduces:
Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Back Pain, Diabetes, Influenza, Falls, Hip Fractures, Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Raynaud's pain, Menstrual Pain, C-section and pregnancy risks, Low Birth Weight, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, TB, Rickets, Respiratory Tract Infection. Details at


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