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Skin Lights UVB UVC sun lamps, healing energy like sunshine. UV Skin treatments for psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, shingles. Promote 100+ natural biological functions with UV therapy, healing, stress release.
Air Lights Treats molds, mildew, fungus, virus, bacteria and odors. Improve all indoor air quality. Reduce allergies, asthma. Lowers risk of disease. Provides rodent control. UV Ozone version for living areas and mold shock treatment.
Full Spectrum Full spectrum lighting, bright light therapy for SAD, seasonal affective disorder, winter depression, just better lighting, homes, offices, manufacturing. Enhance details and see true colors. Reduce stress.
Lighting Design Creative lighting design provides atmosphere, ambiance, health. Commercial, residential lighting consultant for full spectrum, led, dark sky, lamps, bulbs, plans, specification, etc.
Color Therapy Color therapy, personal, professional use. All Charka balanced color gels. Effective for SAD, depression, winter blues and other creative healing use.
Prototype Custom Lighting fixtures design services, residential, architects, designers, engineers, etc. Use our speciality healing lighting design concepts.
Lighting Sculptures Custom Lighting Sculptures superior illumination, functional art. Original limited edition, creative designs using high tech, LED lamp technology for long life with beautiful results.
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