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High quality custom lighting sculptures as functional art with wall and ceiling effects. Custom Lighting Sculptures are limited edition, contemporary, modern or ultra modern designs. Featuring high end lamp technology, energy efficiency, long life. Hand made per order.
Form, function and beauty become one in an illuminating experience.

Lighting Sculpture
Penthouse Duo
Two six foot tall custom lighting sculptures made from acrylic, glass and marble to provide a luxuriously soft illumination. Theatrical quality 12 volt high performance lamps dimmed by separate antenna touch controls.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
Exciting visual effects from the Aurora Borealis lighting sculpture. Lighting effect covers a 6 foot x 7 foot wide area. This is a sconce design with a floor mounted projector. Provides a beautiful rainbow lighting effect from one light source.
Lighting Sculpture Three Arm Snake
Ceiling mount for low hallway with adjustable heads. Used for lighting artwork. About 7 feet in length and 3.5 feet wide. Many versions of this style are available.
Lighting Sculpture
UFO Healer
A short chandelier style lighting sculpture with 33 cut quartz crystals mounted in the center of a 5 level copper and stainless steel stack. Uses 15 lamps and 2 lamp types.
Visions Sculpture
Visions 5

Originally developed as a computer light this design is supported by a 24k satin gold plated base and lamp holder with 12v touch controls developed especially for this design. 5 modes of use include up, down and multi angled with dual reflectors for no glare on the computer screen. A perfect desk light.

Lighting Sculpture
Big Banana
Definitely a conversation piece for every dinner party. This 3 light design is about 5 feet long and a narrow 7 inches wide. Constructed from solid 3/8 inch thick acrylic molded to shape with iridescent flake under lacquer finish. The flake finish is only visible from underneath for the wow factor. Invisible electrical connections.

Tri color
Red, blue and green spotlights for some bright invigorating color on a cloudy day or night. Other colors available. 3-50 watt dichroic lamps with short adjustable flex arms and lifetime transformer, with dimmer. Can be set behind objects so only the colors show. About 13" high.

Magic Wands
Touchy little thing. Flexible stainless steel arms adjust to almost any position and can be tied in a knot. Sways with a gentle breeze. This is more of a fun light, with 2-20 watt lamps. Finish colors are green, brass and stainless. Mostly from recycled parts. Not reproducible.

A very basic shape designed for use as an up light when placed in a corner or against a wall. Light reflects from the ceiling to give a soft glow of illumination. See-through perforated aluminum housing with dimmer.

Exterior Sconce
Exterior wall sconce with solid glass top for weather proofing. Handmade confetti glass inserts with multi layer hand finish steel fixture. Lighting in 3 directions without glare.

Terrence Schlesinger Lighting Artist
Original one of a kind lighting designs

Lighting Plan
Architectural lighting system designed with all copper materials for a natural self patina finish. The cable suspended compass lighting sculpture actually adjusts to North. Has 27 separate MR16 spot lights supplied by one industrial transformer with dimmer. About 17 x 21 feet in size. Maximizes the functional aspect of lighting requirements and provides a centerpiece that brings the space into balance.
Lighting Plan
Bare Cable System
All open and exposed copper wire, architectural lighting is ceiling mounted for cable lighting system supplies main restaurant dining area with variable position spot lights to control ambiance from lunch to dinner and cleaning. 35 individual MR16 lamps used on this system. Additional pendent lighting was later installed from the same power source. Large remote industrial transformer supplies power. Single circuit, completely dimable. Flexible wiring can be easily be moved for future restaurant upgrades. Similar to older Knob and Tube systems.

Large Chandelier
Architectural lighting suspended from roof trusses located in a health care facility. Has both high and low full spectrum lamps (photo eye controlled low illumination to indicate night time) for windowless location. Sharp halogen spots for paper work areas directly below fixture. Multicolor stained glass for healing. 3 circuit. Custom steel welded infrastructure. About 8' wide x 14' long x 3' deep. Around 600 lbs finished.

Attention Lighting Manufacturers. Exclusive Designs available. Let me design your next original lighting line!

Custom lighting sculptures using energy efficient lamps. Halogen, metal halide, full spectrum florescent, 12v, LED's, cold cathode with dimming and and theatrical dmx 512 controls where requested. Fixtures and lamps run cool for extremely long lamp and fixture life. Durable mechanical standards for architectural and commercial lighting applications. Export 220v models available. All fixtures are custom made to order.

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