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Providing lighting design, consulting and custom fixture design for all interior and exterior lighting applications. Selection from 1000s of fixtures on the market. What really works and what's hype!

Creative lighting design for your project where spatial characteristics will be transformed by illuminescent qualities not typically seen or felt.

Many installation choices. Luminaries can be recessed or suspended. Custom designed valences, coves, cornices, coffers, luminous and louvered ceilings available.

Custom lighting effects without a visible fixture just like in nature. Natural lighting with skylights, windows and glass doors are considered in a full lighting plan.

Selecting the right type of lamp first, combined with the right fixture in the right place is what our lighting design and consulting is all about. Glare-free, high efficiency lamps and fixtures.

Our ability to visualize your custom lighting design before completion is our greatest asset and your guarantee of optimum results. Regardless of where you are, you'll be able to benefit from our lighting design and consulting services.

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75 foot+ long 12v cable light system
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Holistically based lighting plans effecting people, plants and animals is part of our multi step 5D Healing Environments.

Good full spectrum lighting prevents the need for a box light to treat S.A.D. and winter depression. For sensitive people we recommend additional lighting in the winter to stimulate natures changes. Hormone deficiencies are caused by lack of exposure to full spectrum light. All light affects how information and thought are processed.

Lighting consulting for night sky restrictions. Reducing light pollution and utility costs at the same time.

Retrofit lighting for older buildings can increase actual lighting output and lower maintenance costs. Get everyday accountable benefits.

Lighting design changes pay for themselves with inherent health benefits, reduced headaches, mental fatigue, less glare, better vision.

Custom lighting design for increased sales in retail applications, and of course a great atmosphere.

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Cheap fluorescent lamps are the main cause of headaches, glare, fatigue, and light induced stress in office, retail and kitchen spaces. Just replacing an existing lamp with with an energy saving fluorescent lamp isn't always the answer!

Replace your existing fluorescent lamps with our full spectrum, high CRI lamps, open louvers system and notice the difference right away!

Glare caused by excessive brightness (new T5 technology) and improper placement is another cause of poor lighting. Balanced lighting changes are simple and are cost effective to install and create a relaxed and healthy atmosphere.

Lighting affects the circadian rhythm in people, plants and animals. Our lighting services provide systems for year around lighting comfort and system flexibility. Lighting has a major effect on the body, mind and spirit. Most lighting technology is invisible until you feel and see the results.

Ceiling height, spatial influences, use, fixture size, locations, lamp type, direction, heat dissipation, wall, object colors, surface reflectivity, controls, wiring and time of day influence the outcome of lighting of your project.

Really green lighting—
The TS version of green lighting is using mostly task lighting. Task light provides illumination where it is needed the most. Replacing an Edison lamp (medium screw base) with a coiled fluorescent (bulb) is just turning bad lighting into bad economy light. The only place to use a coiled florescent lamp is with an aluminum reflector designed to reflect light out into the space. Multiple task lighting automatically creates it's own ambiance.
average watts, per square foot Rough rule of thumb–Custom lighting design guidelines. Wattage is only a reference and is based on full spectrum fluorescent, metal halide, halogen or xenon type lamps.
.75 Minimum lighting suggested for any functional work, living or sales space.
1.0 Working on small parts, short reading periods, medium interior colors including wood walls, windowless spaces, minimum for S.A.D. or depression applications.
2 to 3 Long reading periods, all types of close up work. Users over 50 years of age, Preferred for S.A.D. or winter depression applications. Brighter environments with a high energy feeling, for dark interior colors , wood walls.




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