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Clean, Pure, Healthy, Full Spectrum Lighting, Daylight Quality Illumination. Multi Functional for all Indoor Applications.

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• Anti Depression, SAD
• Stimulates Endorphins
• Must for Computer Users
• Easy on your Eyes
• Sunshine Therapy
• Replaces Light Box Treatment

• Enhances Mood
• Artists or Jewelers Light
• True Color Details
• Grow Lights
• Photo Video Lighting
• Small Product Assembly

F80R Full Spectrum Lighting

Must be seen and felt to truly understand the difference.
No comparison to any other products on the market.

Our natural daylight lighting provides bright, glare free lighting without the need for using a light box.

Why do certain people need to live in sunny climates? Simple because their bodies crave bright light.

Can't tolerate or don't want anti-depressant medication? With our F80R for bright light therapy, dark, cloudy, depression days just go away. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and depression are gone.

Full spectrum light therapy can replace the need for medication. Also treats hormonal issues, for men and women. Just feel better.

full spectrum lighting F80
F80 without reflector for tight installations or wider light coverage. Also for contractor use in valances, light boxes, and other DIY projects.
full spectrum lighting F80RF80R with reflector, bright as daylight at a distance of 1 foot. Glare free when installed as directed. Outside on a sunny day light can be 500- 1,000 times brighter than inside.
full spectrum light wakingStart every morning without stress using our (natural light) circadian rhythm awakening method. Place above bed for most natural effect. Add a timer to your purchase for control. full spectrum light cealingSuspend a F80R full spectrum natural daylight bulbs in any room. Create your desired effect with creative facades, yours or ours. full spectrum light kitchen Perfect placement above cabinets in kitchen. Really lights entire space. See what your doing. Makes a happy space. Ships completely assembled, ready to plug in. Commercial quality, all metal construction. Complete with 2 lamps. Mounts in any position. 24"L x 7"W x 4.5"H. Weight around 6 lbs. All units tested before shipping. Switch shown installed on side of fixture.

The F80 and F80R are our simple, low cost, industrial version of our daylight products. For our best grade designer daylight version please see below or click here.
About 1 week to ship, usually in stock.

Lumen w/ reflector 12,342
CRI / Watts 91 / 80
Color Temp 5000K
model F80R
Lamp Life 8000 hrs
Lux >20,000
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2 Extra daylight lamps $65
2 Wall mounting brackets $12
Cord switch installed for easy control $16
Aircraft Cable ceiling suspension kit $20
full spectrum bulbe
suspension kit
24 hr Mechanical timer easy to use, 120v only $26
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reflector options
Half Moon white reflector for maximum output. Recommended for dark or high ceilings $55

Half Moon silver reflector for more output and directional control $55

Half Moon gold reflector produces soft- romantic, warm sunset effect $55
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28"w x 16"h

28"w x 16"h
gold reflector
28"w x 16"h

F80RW Wood Designer daylight
Half Moon Rising has full spectrum bulbs installed in a all wood box made from tough Baltic birch in finishes to suite your decor. Includes all the technical benefits of our F80 full spectrum lighting series, and offers something more attractive and unique. Photo shows a clear finish over natural wood. Outside reflector is an attached clamshell, that's adjustable. Allows you to focus light where needed. Reflector finish is metallic champagne with a metallic copper edge to add a subtle visual impact. Also has interior aluminum reflector for maximum efficiency. full
Available with natural clear finish. About 3 weeks delivery time.
Accessories and options coming soon or contact us today.
Select Reflectors
Additional text explaining attributes of our F80 Full Spectrum Lighting, Daylight series

full spectrum lighting kitchen
actual photo, no retouching or other lights.

Sunshine therapy with daylight bulbs provide full spectrum lighting. As bright as 7~100 watt standard tungsten bulbs. Without the heat or low quality light.

No installation when placed placed on bookshelf, any existing shelf, filing cabinet, above kitchen cabinets. Easy to suspended from ceiling. Can be used in any position indoors or covered areas outdoors.

This is skylight quality lighting, just like in nature. 50 percent energy saving technology over older T-12 type fluorescent lamps. 25 percent more output than standard T8 lamps.

Many condominiums, apartments, homes, offices, retail stores and factories, etc. have only one direction of light. This causes extreme contrast or darkness at the windowless end of the space. Our natural daylight bulbs balance the interior lighting in your space. Multiple units recommended for larger spaces. Free layout available.

Full spectrum light is a food for the entire body. Skin is the body's largest translucent organ. It absorbs and reacts biologically to light (energy levels) in it's surroundings. Full spectrum daylight is natural daylight. Sunshine therapy is a important factor in improving your health. If you are light sensitive you will feel better naturally by using full spectrum daylight, sunshine therapy lights.

full spectrum lighting on book case
Full spectrum daylightFS80 placed on bookshelf. No mounting required.

sunshing therapy

High efficiency aluminum reflectors direct the illumination and increase output. Task light results in economic operation. Newer energy efficient lamps produce very little heat. A single F80R fixture can illuminate up an entire room.

reflector down position
direct mount or suspended
reflector up position
on shelf or bookcase
Full size metal aluminum reflector doubles light output, controls direction and prevents glare. All units will work with one or two lamps. Portable, lite weight, easy to move around. One unit will light up an entire (12' x 15') room.

Mood disorders, hormone deficiencies, depression and other biological symptoms are caused by lack of exposure to full spectrum daylight, sunshine therapy. If gray days affect you, you will love this light. Good lighting affects how you read, work on a computer, assemble small products, etc. Full spectrum daylight, sunshine therapy has a strong effects on thoughts, feelings, libido and emotions. Beneficial for your skin and eyes.

Increase vitamin D levels 400-1000 IU per day (10-25 mcg). Naturally raise testosterone levels too. Increased levels of testosterone are generally beneficial for both men and women, naturally increasing personal energy production.

sunshine therapy
sunshine therapy
We purchased some full spectrum lighting from you a few years ago and you shipped them to us in Estonia. We sure got a lot of use from those lights and when we left, we passed them on to other missionaries who received blessing from them as well. P. Kendall
I finally got the light hung, and I wanted to tell you how truly awesome it is - fabulous light, and I leave it on most of the day.
C. George
The light quality in the office is without compare. I feel more productive, and even supported, with it on. My depression, which had been bad the last few days,eased by the afternoon. Now that could be from different factors but I think the exposure was part of it. Thanks, as always. Éva N
I have a full spectrum light in my kitchen. It really helps me to see when chopping, reading instructions or just cleaning up. Would not go back to my old lighting. E. Arenas

ILLUMINATION LEVELS Affected by lighting, some people are more sensitive than others. Without enough exposure to full spectrum daylight (organic food) the body will feel dis-ease. Quality of natural light is seriously lacking in 95%+ of all indoor spaces.

ENERGY SAD, winter depression, low energy? Want to feel good, like when outside on a bright sunny day? Full spectrum daylight lamps provide natural sunshine therapy. Light boxes are only band aids in comparison.

PRODUCT INFO Full spectrum bulbs are commercial quality. All our products have electronic instant start, no flicker, (quiet, no hum) ballast. Long life 5 year daylight bulbs (lamps).Lighting fixture life up to 20 years. This is a sustainable, environmental, green, rebuild-able product.


phone orders - ships world wide

made in USA with solar power
online sales since 2000

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