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Terrence Schlesinger
Vibrational Color Design

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Precision paint colors selected and their correct location. This is a complete service providing you (or your painter) with a professional color map. This is the anthesis of color application and our most requested service. Usually takes about 2 > 3 days to complete depending on project size and schedule. Will send you a list of requested project materials if needed. Guaranteed color results with your order.

Professional color maps provides the following:
• Complete professional color maps with consulting.
• Easy paint by number with location plan.
• Large sample color chips (where requested).
• No guessing, sample painting or long testing phases required.
• 25+ years ofartistic project experience for guaranteed results

Commercial $0.021 per sq. ft. ($0.226 per sq. m) floor space/ Minimum charge $275 Residential $0.017 per sq. ft. ($0.183 per sq. m) floor space/ Minimum charge $175 Color Cost Formula. Cents charged per square feet or sq m x colors x squared area x complexity factor: curves, angles, relief's, columns, heights, levels, floors, rooms, details = cost $USD. Simple eh!
professional color assistance

In a hurry? Professional Color Design Services, provide immediate answers.

Half hour minimum — prepaid services. Or just call today.
Unused hours remain in our database for future use. Your covered.

My ability to visualize your project before completion is your best asset and guarantee of optimum results.

$60 hour
enter total hours desired

Nature contains millions of colors in many shades. All in the right place. So there is no reason to limit yourself to a few colors when painting your home, office, retail, hotel or industrial space. By starting with a minimum palette of 5000+ colors we will bring balanced harmonic color combinations with no testing into your environment. Imagine saving all that time and headache.

With our harmonic interior colors everything in your space will work together without having to change furniture, flooring or fabric colors. Based on 20+ years of actual artistic project experience. Color selections can go from muted shades to energizing jewel tones with many shades in between including metallic's. Our most popular service is the all encompassing professional color map.

Make it comfortable. Make it happy. Harmonic color creates healthy, healing and productive spaces.

theater colors
theater colors

high rise colors
ocean view towers

My creative color consulting is a balancing process that reduces stress, removes boredom, creates a tranquil, energizing space that is soothing to the mind, body and soul.

Optimum color selections stay fresh. Your house or building is not part of a trend but rather becomes a work of art.

For all environments especially the healing modalities—including spas, resorts, hospitals, retirement centers, medical offices and other institutional buildings. Any space where direct contact with nature is limited and personal health needs to be optimized.

color services provided globally, via phone, fax and email from your photos

Color consulting services can correct visual deficiencies in wall placement, size and spatial use i.e.: help correct poor design.

All materials color selection makes it easy to specify fabric selections and/ or building materials at the same time.

Guaranteed 1st time results for owners, managers, developers, builders, designers, architects and painting contractors.

outdoor colors
outdoor entertainment areas

fountain colors
Chinese country antiques

Bold retail color applications help display products better thereby promoting sales. Our environmental color selections is a natural way to attract drive by or walk by traffic.

Balance the mood, appearance and energy of your house or building. Professionally colorize buildings fit naturally into their local environments.

harmonic paint colors
no testing required
vibrational harmony

reduce stress
totally natural feel
colors stay fresh

Meridian Gallery colors
gallery space

All materials and colors selection. Professional color map and materials specification. Send us all your material samples or the product web site your and I will review and select materials and textures that harmonize with your project and tastes. Also works with photos attached to email.

Fabrics, laminates, floor coverings, tile, vinyl, brick, block and roof colors, all interior + exterior materials can be specified.

A fast and easy way to guarantee the outcome of any project. Usually 1-2 days to process depending on total materials involved. Includes phone consulting support.

Guaranteed color results with your order. free estimate-contact today

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multi color specifier

Need a perfect single color for accent wall, door, furniture or any other use. OR select up to 24 colors at a time with our Multi Color Specifier. A low cost method saving you hours of time, expense and non returnable paint. Choose more than one color.

Includes phone or email consulting/ support. Large color chips mailed to you. Actual color chips may be available in your area.

Guaranteed color results (period).

Residential $30 per color
buy then enter total colors desired
Commercial $40 per color
buy then enter total colors desired
clinic colors
health clinic
living room colors
living room
bold colors
bold colors
bedroom colors

More Info: Larger spaces need more colors to appear natural. I have selected up to 24 individual paint colors for a project. Complete color map costs are based on marking up walls during consultation (I'm there) with color codes. Or color specifications are made on client supplied blueprints, drawings or photographs. We can draw a color map on a photo if large enough.

Exact color shades and paint manufactures specified. Substitutions not recommended. Multiple colors act as inherent color therapy, stress management and are designed to contain healing codes. Single room, total building application or complete town color selection. Color is energy. Use it to your advantage.

industrial colors industrial tanks
home office colors home office

Lighting adjustments for interiors are recommended after application of deep color shades i.e. jewel tones. See our lighting design services for solutions and additional information.

Finishes specified in flat, eggshell, low sheen, semi gloss and high gloss. Fluorescent, metallic, opalescent and iridescent colors are also used on selected projects. Gold, silver and copper leaf or paints are available too.

Regardless of where you are, you'll benefit from my color consulting services, Terrence Schlesinger

Just a quick note: my landlord came through the building and really liked the paint scheme. Thanks for having some influence with my biz!

Tim Tasker
TGT, Inc


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