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The Chakra System

Text courtesy of Ron Gregory

The information contained in this document represents the Chakra system as it appears to me. It varies significantly from other information that may be found on the subject and is not meant to refute, limit or contradict the vision anyone else may have. This is a singular view that stems from working with very subtle energies, as used in Earth-Sky Energy Medicine.

Earth-Sky Energy Medicine is an energy-based healing system that has evolved from the Reiki tradition. Its purpose is to assist in the alignment and optimization of the Chakra system and the removal of blockages to an individual's spiritual growth.

The diagrams provided in this document give an idea of the colors in which the Chakras appear to me, but do not indicate the rotation of the Chakras, which, in this hemisphere, is in a clockwise direction.

Crowncrystal The Crown: Located at the top of the head, this is the opening to the Universe, "That Which Is," the Creator or however you, personally, wish to speak about this. It is most easily held open through regular meditation and most easily closed by high mental activity. The optimal color is a crystalline white with purple flecks.
Violetviolet The Third Eye: This is the seat of our intuition and insight. It is most easily subverted through a lack of trust in one's self and one's judgment of self. It is found in the center of the forehead, a little above and between the eyes and its optimal color is a deep purple.
Indigoindigo The Cerebral Cortex: This is a newly emerging Chakra and it is located at the base of the skull. It has to do with the integration of all forms of information that we take in, including the written and spoken word, guidance, intuition, thought, and feeling. When fully active, it allows us to use and value all information available to us on an equal basis. Its normal color is indigo, an even blend of the colors of the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.
The Throat: This Chakra is found at the front center of the neck and reflects two elements: the formation shows a person's ability to communicate and the color shows a person's awareness of their inner truth. Together, they reflect a person's ability to communicate their inner truth.
Turquoiseturquoise The High Heart: Technically, this Chakra is associated with the Thymus and is located directly between the Heart and Throat Chakras. It reflects a person's understanding, acceptance and practice of the concepts of Universal Love and Compassion. To a lesser degree, it shows a person's ability and/or calling to healing/teaching work. It typically has a watermelon red center with a green ring around it. It looks much like a watermelon cut in half. When more fully developed, it has a turquoise glow around the outside.

The Heart: This Chakra reflects a person's understanding of love, their ability to direct it toward and receive it from specific individuals, including himself or herself. It shows itself as being segmented. The ability to offer love to and receive love from the self is in the center with the same aspects, relative to others, as an outer ring. When completely healthy, the segments are hard to see.

In this time, many people do not understand love well, largely because we have not been taught what it truly means. We are in a time of learning to understand what love is and can be in a new (or, perhaps, older) way. My guidance is that this will come as we understand universal love more fully and the green of the High Heart will be used to fill the Heart. In this way, directed love will become a derivative of universal love.

Limelime The Surrender or New "Action" Center: This is another of the emerging Chakras that is crucial to our evolution and is found right at the bottom of the sternum. It appears to be providing us with a new place to act from, nearer the Heart. It allows us to act from other than will or the self/identity, but without interfering with the work taking place within our Heart Chakra. It is an indicator Surrender of Self Will to the will of Creation. True commitment to our path and work assists in opening this Chakra further.
Yellowyellow The Solar Plexus: This Chakra reflects a person's sense of self, their identity and how one views these. Traditionally, it is the point from which we act and is the seat of personal will. It is located just below the rib cage and its normal color is yellow.
Orangeorange The Vital or Emotional Center: This Chakra is our basis for feeling: it is the foundation of how we feel. Its associated and co-located with the primary nerve ganglion that comes out of the spine at a point about two inches below the navel. It can be found by following a line across the top of the hipbones to the center of the abdomen. Its normal color is orange.
Redred The Root: This Chakra reflects one's awareness of what survival means to oneself, or one's definition of survival. Its normal color is red and the easiest way to work with it is directly across the points of the hips.
color selections by Terrence Schlesinger © 5/02. In a case when one has been raised in a suppressive/ repressive environment, survival often comes to mean emotional or psychological survival. In these cases, the Chakra is turned into a "lock" to "hold down" those thoughts, feelings, traumas, etc. that we fear. The Chakra then turns to a gray color.
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