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Please group and supply the following materials to us for review.
This is our natural method.
A) Select 7 different color stones about 1 inch in size. Gathered from around the property were your building is. Do not use landscaping material from around the property as it typically comes from somewhere else. What was there before any landscape design is what we need. Leaves and bark are also useful.
B) Alternative; City bound, concrete & asphalt jungle. Go to your favorite outdoor space, preferably nearby. Selections must be from an unimproved, natural area.
C) 1 or 2 earth or sand samples if different in color. Same guidelines as above. Enclose in baggie or other non breakable container.
D) (x) wide angle photo(s) of the interior of your space where walls have shelving, reviels, nooks, trim or other features not visable on a plan.
E) 1 photo of the entry door (with surrounding area) to your space.
F) 4 color photos of the exterior of the building. 1 of each side. North, East, South and West. Photos can be digital or print version. 8x10 inch images are required if there are many detailed areas to be specified.
G) 4 color photos from the roof or from an upper floor of your building or location. 1 image in each direction away from the building. North, East, South and West.
FOR MY INTUTIVE COLOR PLAN, start here... continue for all others.
I) A copy of your floor plan (one of each floor, if multiple floors). Hand drawings are acceptable. Use graph, legal size or standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper.
J) Measure ceiling height. If multiple heights, please note on photo or drawing (plan).
H) Please I.D. the photos (or drawings), so I can interpret them here.
K) Please include any personal perception or desires you have about the space or exterior (there are no wrong perceptions).
Send ~ Non-Technical: Plans, drawings and photos may be mailed or shipped conventionally via: US Mail, UPS, FedEx, Airborne etc. your choice.
Send ~ Electronic (technical info): Plans or drawings may be scanned. Attach digital images to e-mail, using jpg, gif, tiff or Photo Shop files. Reduce photo size to 72 dpi & 8x10 inches. Compress large files (over 100K). Send one to test first. DXF (v.10) or PDF's are OK. We are Mac based.
Please enclose a check for quoted amount and send samples to us. Credit card payments accepted on-line only at select Open Amount for Client Payments (in yellow box).
Color Consulting

Mailing Address
Terrence Schlesinger, color consultant , color guru, Light Years 2

Please measure to within 1 inch for lighting plans

1 wide angle photo(s) from the floor of the ceiling, so I can see existing lighting and ceiling finish. Shoot from floor up.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with one of our environmental architectural services.