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Cut your utility costs NOW.
Offering total SOLAR design for new or remodel projects.
Enjoy natures natural solar heating and cooling system!

space frame

LOOKING for something different? Creative architecture, custom designed to fit you to your your location. Building shapes matched to the frequencies and weather of the land using bio geometry.

Sustainable, alternative, green or vernacular architectural services and consulting providing tangible health benefits for a stress free personal or business environment. Designed to connect with the bio energies found in nature.

Peaceful, tranquil and energizing environments created through a harmonic relationship allowing you to live and work in harmony with your surroundings. Using the intuitive process of design to complement your new environment.

Whatever location you select already has an optimum building style naturally encoded in it.

Become more in tune with the environment around you by including natural shapes such as hexagons, octagons, pyramids, stars, spirals, circles, crescents, domes and countless organic shapes into your housing, business and garden environments.

Metal Building
painted steel
alternative architecture sails
shade sail construction

Architectural and interior ideas may incorporate principals from vastu, feng shui, native, sacred geometry, star alignments, crop circles and other fractals of universal design.

Lasting ambiance and atmosphere are the results of an earth matching design that provides a optimum blend of function, aesthetics and longevity.

What may have worked yesterday has no place in today's fast changing frequency and thinking of the planet.

pyramid House

All locations are based on longitude, latitude and altitude, weather and magnetic conditions including circadian cycles of light and dark. Each location also has it's own micro climate or needs one created to compensate for that location.

My goal is to help you understand this information, providing a holistic approach to your new building or remodeling project.

Featuring natural solar designs both passive and active. Reduce or eliminate dependence on the grid and future fuel costs. Inherent solar design provides maximum energy efficiency.

dome home
dome eco homes

Pool Round House
round house, organic shape pool

Think self maintaining, low maintenance and high quality.

Providing a holistic vision for eco friendly, energy efficient, sustainable, new alternative architecture.

A solar integrated design will provide a lower overall cost in the life cycle of any structure.

Contemporary alternative architectural design works for today's green building techniques.

Moving beyond conventional design limitations we utilize materials from many sources. Construction materials can include straw bales, rammed earth, earth sheltered, sand bag, adobe, cob, concrete, glass and other recycled building materials and systems.

Site planning with landscaping, permaculture and microclimate can be incorporated into your site plan.

alternative Beach House
extreme sun shading

Allow time for your project to happen naturally
Hexagon 2 Story
2 story hexagon structure

Today's typical building or remodeling projects requires thousands of decisions. With so many products, professional services and technical requirements how do you balance funds to create an optimum space? Allow time for your project to happen naturally.

It helps to have experience and flexible options at your disposal.
My ability to visualize your project before completion is the investment value you receive.

earth berm house
covered stairs
weather protected house
large spiral interior
shade structure
shade structure
1000's of combinations of natural organic shapes to choose from. For integration into architecture, interiors and landscape designs.
fibonacci spiral
fibonacci spiral, nautilus
circle, yurt
crescent, moon

dome, solar arc

hexagon, beehive
octagon, lodge, teepee
7 point star
7-pointed star


Esoteric energy design facts of bio geometry.

• Frequency yields geometry and geometry yields frequency. Frequency is a feeling like music.
• Space is geometry that interacts with mass. Perfect proportion creates harmony.
• Form is a direct result of vibration and vibration is a direct function of form.
• All mater exists because energy of the mater is held in place as a substance of vibration. Dance to the music.
• Cubes and right angled corners inhibit energy and movement. Are you a round person in a square space?
• Intuitive and creative blueprints create vibrational balance.
• Green +20 years. Here and now.

Built in design features can include.

Solar Heating + Cooling
Continuous Treated Air
Custom Lighting
Harmonic Colors
Gray Water Gardens
Low EMF Electrical
Simple Automation
Off Grid/ Self Powered
Water Features
Outdoor Living + Nested Sleeping Areas

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