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Product colors upgrade
metalic champagne metalic sesame metalic copper
Color Options
satin metallic champagne
satin metallic sesame
semi gloss
metallic copper
Upgrade from standard industrial colors. For all A18, A28, A3, A18 and A36 units. Custom colors allow you to better match your decor. Add 2 days to shipping time.
UV Accessories
24 hour timer
uv safety switch
uv sunglasses
uv switch
lamp lock
Mechanical Timer
Sensor Switch kit
UV Safety Glasses
On Off Switch
Lamp Lock
Simple plug in 24 hour timer. 3 ON/ OFF settings per day. Controls all units. Economical, heavy duty, timer. 15A, 120vac only Maximum safety and on time in occupied public, employee, home, office areas. Automatically turns Air Light OFF when entering a space. Turns ON when no movement is detected. Pro grade sensor, adjustable sensitivity, time delay, light level settings. 120vac only. UV eye protection when working near UV Lights. Extra wide 165mm wrap around clear lens, sport frame, side shield. Adjustable temple length, nylon frame. 99.9% UV block. Excellent UV eye protection outdoors. Provides convenience and safety. Recommended for all applications or when receptacle is behind furniture. For all units. Installed. Allows mounting at any angle, for rough handling (commercial use). Keeps lamp centered. Required for rental use. Use with guard (G) models only. Order 2 with A28 units. Installed.
$15 $12

key switch

Protection from unauthorized
use. Includes children, dementia,
Alzheimer's patients. Installed.

Key Switch $27

UV Accessories
UVC Germicidal Lamps
Important Notice: As of October 2011 replacement lamps may not fit. All (x)14 or (x)28 socket holders must be drilled out (machined) to 3/4 inch to accept our new lamps. Cost is $20 plus return shipping cost. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please send your older unit to us for upgrading.
A21 UV Lamp
A36 UV Lamp
A14 UV Lamp
A14-Ozone UVC Lamp
a3 uv lamp
A14 or A28
A14Z or A28Z ozone
15wT8. 18 in. L 457mm.
30wT8, 36 in. L 914mm
16w 4-pin T5 14 in L 356mm
Order 2 for A28
16w Ozone T5 4-pin, 14 in L. 356mm
Order 2 for A28
T3 Intermediate base

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