Instructions for all UV Air Lights
Controls mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors. Reduces allergy and asthma issues. Improves indoor air quality.

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IMPORTANT Information:

CAUTION UV LIGHT / OZONE (Z models only)
Never look at lamp when on. Read instructions completely before use. Keep bare lamp 24 feet (7m) away from people, plants and animals. Lamps with guards 8 feet (2.4m). Keep out of reach of children. Air circulation required with ozone treatment.

Occupied Spaces: A UV guard (G) needs to be installed over the lamp. All ozone producing units A3Z, A14Z or A28Z should be located 8 >12 feet away from people, plants or animals when occupied.




DOWN (direct)

UP (indirect)

Open Air Lights (without guard) work best when exposed to the largest volume of airspace or airflow possible. Continuous slow air movement over UV Air Lights helps expose most air in a room to control (kill) mold, mildew, bacteria (odors) and viruses. The closer an UV Air Light is to the source of the problem the more effective it is.

Air Light without UV guards can be used inside a cardboard box with top open to protect surrounding carpet, fabrics, paints and plastics. This is a temporary method of treating a space and protecting fading materials.

Enclosed Air Lights need no precautions. Our wood or metal enclosed units provide protection under most circumstances.

Slow continuous air circulation must be available to create even distribution and avoid build up of ozone near the unit. Mold typically grows in dead air space. Testing may be required to find best location for unit placement. To test for airflow use tissue paper and check for air movement. Ozone required for humid climates and hidden water damage (in walls) basements and other areas.

Ozone Control: Designed with self-limiting ozone output. May not be suitable for use with some over sensitive individuals. Then use when space is unoccupied.

On time, distance, room volume and temperature – controls actual trace ozone available. Use a timer, open window or cover lamp with aluminum foil to reduce ozone output if required for fine tuning an environment.

Duct Installation: Install bare lamp unit on return (filter side) only. Fan must be on for UV air treatment to work. Using power from fan motor automatically controls UV and ozone output (Z type). Do not wire to a variable speed motor. Use 1-1/2 inch (38mm) hole saw for each lamp used in duct (or as needed). Install lamp over the drip pan where possible.

Unoccupied Spaces: For heavy duty treatment, close all doors, windows and vents. Provide continuous air circulation for ozone to move around and penetrate through porous materials for treatment of hidden water damage or mold and bacteria growth inside walls or on surfaces. Turn ozone unit off 20 to 30 minutes before entering or using the space normally. NO people, plants or animals can be present during enclosed space (shock) treatments.

Ozone Time: 24 hours of treatment works for mild pollutant or mold situations. Extreme cases may take weeks of treatment to kill mold growth inside walls or thicker materials. Weekly, monthly or other term may work best for your situation. Each environment is different. Can be used to kill bacteria in refrigerators, HVAC coils, bedding, upholstery, basements, crawl spaces, closets, cat boxes, bathrooms. Can also be used in cars, boats and planes.

UV Air Light {A18} A36 shown with reflector in the down/ direct position. Provides maximum disinfection properties. For use in unoccupied spaces.

If a UV Air Light is in the down position turn power OFF if working within 24 feet (8 meters) even for a few minutes. Occasional walk by traffic is OK.

UV sun glasses can be used as eye protection if unit is on. Exposed skin must also be protected. Do not mount in direct position in public areas without automatic control.

Commercial Installation: A switch or sensor should be mounted near the entry of the area being treated where an Air Light is permanently mounted. An additional caution label should be mounted on or near the switch. Additional caution labels are available on request.

Automatic Safety Control: Use our sensor switch model ASW where uninformed persons will be in the area. Or where safety is important. Sensor switch turns Air Light off when motion is detected.

UV Air Light {A18} A36 shown with reflector, (lamps not visible) is the up or reflected position. For use in occupied spaces.
When used in the up position with a reflector generally no precautions are required. Being under a UV Air Light in the reflected up position poses no UV exposure risk.

General Notes:
Mounting: A18 or A36. Use small chain or aircraft cable suspension. Do not use rope or plastics. Wall mount on a shelf above eye level. Mounting without reflector reaches wider airspace, typically for lower ceilings. For high ceilings over 14 feet high, (4 meters) a reflector is recommended. The reflector focus UV light energy in a 70° to 90° angle. A reflector in the up position will protect people, plants and animals (except birds). Lamps reflected in mirrors or from polished metal ceilings in occupied areas should be avoided. Never use for reading.

Maintenance: Turn power OFF to change lamp or clean reflector or UV guard. Use glass cleaner and a soft cloth or vacuum. Replace lamp every 6 months for critical applications. Replace lamp yearly where unit is used 24/7. Dirty or darkened glass reduces UV and Ozone transmission, darkened ends indicates lamp needs replacement. Blow out all units with compressed air for optimum operation.

Wattage: Simple rule of thumb for average conditions recommended lamp wattage is .0333 watts per cubic foot or .11759 watts per cubic meter. If stronger treatment is needed increase wattage (1.5x) 50% to (2x)100%. Multiple fixtures and/ or higher wattage (output) will reduce exposure time, and treat higher volumes of air or surface.

Temperature: Colder or high humidity spaces require longer exposure or higher wattage. General temperature range is 75°> 85°F for maximum efficiency.

Safety: Reddening of the skin (sunburn) and irritation of the eyes (conjunctivitis) are temporary conditions caused by direct over exposure to UV light. Effects may not be felt until several hours afterwards.

First Aid: For skin burn, treat as sunburn. Use pure aloe vera gel. Do not expose skin to sun until healed usually 3-5 days. For eye irritation keep person in a darkroom for 24 hours with no strong light. Place wet washcloth over eyes to relieve burning.

Ozone has a strong sent at first due to the reaction (oxidizing effect) of air and surfaces in the space being treated. Air Lights are self-limiting and will not produce excessive amounts of ozone. You can expect to reduce your chances of catching colds or flu in an ozone/ UV treated environment.

Color dyes may fade from prolonged exposures to UV light. May darken or produce haze on plastic surfaces.

Consult factory for applications not listed. For updated information see our web site:

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