Stress Free Interior Designs for Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

The majority of people living in industrialized countries spend a high percentage of their time indoors. This same population is often stressed, burned out and unhealthy. Living and working in artificially created, traditional or poorly designed spaces with little presence of organic or natural materials, and no direct connection to nature, substantially contributes to the stress of modern life.

30 years of research, remodeling and project experiences led me to identify key elements that were missing in people’s lives (including my own) as a result of outmoded value systems and rubber stamping of buildings throughout the building industry. These missing elements contribute directly to daily stress and fatigue.

People are individuals all with unique fingerprints. When individual needs are met the collective result can be a much healthier society.
By identifying "un-balanced areas" or missing elements — corrections can be easily applied to any type of building. The first four elements are usually improvements done with custom lighting design, therapeutic paint colors, fresh air movement and water features.

Additional steps may include remodeling within geometric or radiused shapes and ergonomic (human factors) layouts, embedded graphics, plants (oxygen supply) and noise reduction.

5D Environments is a combined method of architecture, engineering, and interior design: Architecture based on weather and location, by creating micro climates and protection from our new weather patterns; engineering by mirroring nature with solar heating/ cooling; landscaping with permaculture and gray water; interior design as interior recharging, all directed to providing high vibration of spatial and spiritual energies.

There are currently about twelve levels of change that can be incorporated into interiors and around fifteen levels for exterior applications. It's all about life energy and personal balance not just visual impact or property value. Some layers may be felt but not seen, yet are very effective. Individual steps can be done in phases over time. Spatial concepts are designed from ground up for new construction.

5D Healing Environments is environmental design for removing stress, providing tranquility and increasing personal energy that allows for subtle daily healing — naturally. Results in a healthier lifestyle and workplace. Benefits include holistic balance, re-charging (healing), and simple uncluttered spaces. Truly functional art on a large scale. 5D Environments is experiential. Because its effects are subtle you’ll notice the biggest change by being [away from this energy].

Built in stress management—provides creative space with tangible health benefits where people feel more comfortable and productivity naturally increases. 5D Environments can be very useful for small business that are unable to afford health insurance or prefer an additional perk for their employees. Healing practitioners can increase their effectiveness when their environment is balanced and the patient also returns to a balanced, more natural environment.

Eco psychologists recommend that patients submerge themselves in nature to reduce stress, fatigue and to initiate the healing process. For the industrialized person application of a few levels of a 5D Environments has a similar effect as being in nature, especially helpful for convalescing patients or people stuck in an office or retail space all day.

Internet services today make it practical for people to access these services from small towns and remote areas including off grid homes where professional services and product availability are limited.

Terrence Schlesinger developed 5D Environments and provides creative architectural services. 5D Environments are used in more than 100 varied projects including, restaurants, galleries, medical, executive offices and residential projects. Terrence can be reached at 520 445 4800 or LightYears2.com. * * *

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