5D Healing Environments

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T. Schlesinger
1 CONSULTING Selecting and reviewing what stages are best suited or required for a project. Explain the benefits of each stage or layer. Establish overall concepts {look ~ feel ~ touch} and other client requirements. Provide plans, site analysis, land readings. Review options for complete spatial balancing.
2 CLEARING Sometimes not rebuilding on old ideas is best. A fresh start can do wonders. Demolition, reorganizing, recycling, cleaning, opening up spaces and sending spirits on their way.
3 LIGHTING Balanced efficient full spectrum lighting with direct spots using non-glare lighting fixtures. Also selection of windows with glass types, skylights, atriums, solariums and valence locations.
4 COLORS Harmonic colors with my multiple paint color map. Can also specify material / fabric colors. Colors can be selected by geographic location, intuitive selection or a combination of both. Interior and exterior color maps.
5 AIR Providing continuous fresh air for optimum health and treating local polluted air by filtration and UV exposure. Most indoor air is recycled. Includes solar heating, solar cooling, ventilation systems and resources.
6 WATER As water features provides sound, harmony, negative ion emission, temperature and humidity. Water walls, built-in, fountains, pools, ponds without chlorine. Can include aquatic life and plants. Also gray water systems.
7 MATERIALS Selection and sizing of building materials and finishes. Stone, concrete, straw, wood, earth (adobe), metals, fabrics, recycled material options and found objects.
Noise reduction, indoor and outdoor sound treatments. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a quiet environment the way nature intended it to be.
9 SYMBOLS Subtle embedded symbols or graphics in the form of logos, sacred geometry, I-Ching, Rune, crop circles and other esoteric symbols incorporated into floors, walls or ceilings for balance or healing.
10 GEOMETRY Radius corners and edges provide an ergonomic and organic environment that is more conducive to human interaction. Hexagons, octagon are the most common. Fibonacci spiral, circles, crescent, dome shapes and even seven pointed stars can be fun. Bio geometry.
11 PLANTS Plant groupings, gardens, green houses create oxygen, control humidity and temperature, provides natural air cleaning. Meditative area.
12 EARTH Direct exposure to earth energy. Eight foot healing circles. Especially useful in concrete jungle environments. Using earth as a non man made materials.
13 CARE Materials selections and technical designs based on low maintenance (high quality). Simplicity were possible and easy access requirements.

14   heal yourself ~ heal your environment



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