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5D Healing Environments


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Creative 5th dimensional Healing Environments is an original design concept created by Terrence Schlesinger. Based on years of actual interior experience and. 5D Healing Environments is specifically designed for mental emotional spiritual well being.

Spatial balance in any interior where occupants feel peace, tranquility and naturally refreshed without artificial stimulation while providing productive environment.

5D interior design and consulting are based on personal or business requirements, interior location, building location, geographical and weather patterns.

Our professional interior design services deliver complete balance for interior and exterior spaces. Focus is on long term flexible design solutions.

By using my 6th sense approach 5D Healing Environment benefits everyone without their direct knowledge. Solutions can be simple: Our lighting and color consulting package provide the largest visual and spatial energy up-grade. You can start with one room at a time, if your budget dictates. Then expand throughout the whole workplace.

Additional steps increase the beneficial results.

Holistically based 5D Healing Environments are very beneficial when used in schools, health care centers, senior centers, medical offices, garden areas, offices that would benefit from less stress.

Providing optimum human resource return. We can provide a complete creative design package.

A fully implemented interior design plan works with responses beyond the conscious level. Felt but not seen. Where less is more.

Methods may include balanced lighting, harmonic colors, fresh air, water features, material selections, material placement, noise reduction and invisible healing techniques.

Creative design techniques brings together an optimum blend of function and form, aesthetics, mood and atmosphere.

The mind, body and spirit are always striving to maintain resonance with the environment. If that environment is unbalanced or superficial it will use up its energy in maintaining it's life force.

Many people are sick and tired most of the time due to lack of balance.

When in harmony with nature little energy is needed to maintain the body in equilibrium.

Visualizing your project before completion provides optimum results

5D Healing Environments obviously make great creative spaces or a perfect think tank. An alternative to the traditional lounge or coffee break. Reduces the need to getaway for a vacation.

Business owners want an edge? Use 5D healing interior designs as part of a health benefits plan.

If you spend less than three hours outside everyday are a natural for our 5D makeover. Help revitalize your energy. Especially useful for people that spend all day inside in front of a computer or work at night. Solutions for sick building syndrome.

Provides a positive effect on the central nervous system of humans, animals and plants. Provides more natural energy, reduces stress, provides peace and tranquility.You must work or live in it to experience the result.

Light and color consulting will help depression and mood swings and is especially useful in areas with poor weather conditions. Designed to help ADHD syndrome and other mood issues and is helpful with mental health patients. Especially effective for disabled and recovering persons.

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Regardless of where you work you'll benefit with 5D Healing Environments Interior Design. Contact us today.

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