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environmental architectural servicesenvironmental architectural services
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a new paradigm in human resource planning

Bringing balance to people with Health benefits business design is our product. We support your human resources department with designs for productivity.

A Health benefits plan is an integral element of human resource planning and should provide health benefits. Our Health benefits business design is complementary to the traditional employee plan as it will provide daily health benefits from the date of installation. Daily returns without quarterly premiums. Wow, what a concept. In fact you'll get a minimum of 7 years of returns before having to implement another change.

Most people today in industrialized countries spend too much time indoors. So your environment has a huge influence on your health, feeling and outlook. A healthy building, office or plant becomes part of your Health benefits program.

Our Health benefits business design is a environmentally based architectural, interior and engineering service. A plan based on creating holistically designed environments for optimum human health.

Increase performance, influence creativity, naturally recharge and instant stress management-all built in.

Health benefits plan
 daily Health benefits

Our Health benefits business design is targeted to correct existing or new building problems that effect employees and management alike. Changes will positively influence your clients at the same time.

Less stress amounts to more personal comfort (a real perk). Simple (functional) or luxury designs available. An alternative to traditional interiors and old architectural ideas.

Long term results, ergonomic, user friendly designs in low-tech or high-tech versions. Suitable for all multi employee corporations or the individual entrepreneur. Services available local or on a global scale. Built in green planning for business seeking that special edge.

holistic balance
environmental balance
Environmental = sustainable, green, high efficiency
Economic = simple installation—low maintenance
Employee = increased creativity—productivity
Employer = reduce turnover—sick time
successful business designcommunity integration

Our environmental architectural and interior consulting services can work in conjunction with your existing architectural or engineering firm. We will act as your on board consultant, reviewing existing or future plans to help implement our vision into your daily health benefits.

Environmental architectural services helps in reducing potential of rework or redesigns resulting in delayed startups or replacement of materials or systems. Our design and consulting services are intended to provide feedback notifying you of potential design issues, missing elements and other deficiencies.

Benefits are created directly by balancing your work space with custom lighting, therapeutic paint and fabric colors, water features, materials selection, noise reduction and continuous fresh air systems. Based on physics, frequency and spatial ergonomic principals. Already successfully implemented on over a hundred client projects.

open revitalizing spaces

Our specialty Health benefits plan can be applied one layer at a time to address obvious problems, reducing initial costs and working within your budget or cash flow. For existing business this provides a low entry vehicle into positively modifying your working environment.

Cost effectiveness for day to day operations and will show up as lower long term operating costs. We suggest you track your own results provided by your actual experience—including daily employee and client feedback.

convert, remodel or Build any office space, learning center or retail environment into a creative work space

Application of our Health benefits Business Design can be applied to an entire office complex, corporate facilities, schools, hospitals or other multi-employee facility will provide optimum human resource return.

Individual spaces (rooms) can be designed as Health benefits Business Design providing relaxation, recovery from sensory overload or a creative space for new ideas. The ultimate think tank.

Our Health benefits business design has a direct effect on the central nervous system of humans, animals and plants. Provides employers and associates with more natural, non chemical energy—naturally.

prevent problems associated with sick building syndrome

Especially effective in areas with long winters, poor weather conditions, windowless offices and in polluted cities. Helpful in reducing allergies and depression. Especially useful for chemically sensitive, disabled, recovering persons. Helps with learning dysfunction in adults and children.

5D Environments. Contact us today for your business health—design upgrade. Solutions available now.

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